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A tactical twin stick SHMUP.  

Controller is required to play (XBOX or Playstation controller is ideal)

Battle through 12 levels of varying enemies and difficulty, some are all out blaster levels, and some are more tactical and will need precision flying in your ship. 

This is a huge shoot 'em up game and features 2 level select screens, so you can select any level to start on. Start from Level 1 for the full experience. 

Also included is a music player so you can listen to the music without playing the game. Just fly over the music player image in the level select screen to jump to the actual music player. 

This game is a one person development, a true indie game. 

Once downloaded simply unzip the archive to where you would like it to be and open the unzipped folder and double click the "Vektor Byte.exe" icon. Enjoy.

There will be updates to the game if any bugs are found.  

UPDATE 1: "Add Sound Effect" text midway through level 6 was displayed, now removed. Thanks to Luggage for finding that.

UPDATE 2: Player will start with 6 lives now and not 5 as in the previous version.

UPDATE 3: Extra lives are now scattered throughout the levels. A second level select screen has been added to allow access to all 10 levels in the game. Bonus levels still need to be found at the end of 2 of the normal levels. Various balancing and text tweaks. 

UPDATE 4: Bug in level 9 now should be fixed, where the screen stopped scrolling for mid boss and did not restart when boss was destroyed. Game complete message was not correct, also now should be fixed. 


Highly detailed graphics.

Intense gameplay.

Retro 16bit hi-res style graphics. Not pixel art. 

The game will run on pretty much any Windows 7,8,10 or 11 PC, even a laptop if it has a good graphics chip or mobile dedicated GPU. 64Bit only. 

Game created in the fantastic SHMUP CREATOR from BULO STUDIO. Links Below.



AI speech from elevenlabs. Link below. 


All music composed and created using Presonus Studio One Version 5.

Hardware synthesizers used include Waldorf Blofeld, Roland JD08 and Novation Ultranova.

Software synths used were all from Cherry Audio. Link Below. 


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Tags16-bit, Amiga, blaster, Retro, Shoot 'Em Up, Singleplayer, Tactical, twin-stick


Buy Now$11.99 USD or more

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Vector Byte is a much slower-paced SHMUP from what many might expect from the genre, boasting a runtime of roughly 3 hours. This is not to be taken as a bad thing, but it is something to keep note of. Thankfully, a level-select option is available, so if you can't commit to a full run, you don't have to start from the beginning every time like in some other SHMUPs. 

Longer levels also allow for each to contain multiple different sections, from simple shooting to puzzles, just to name a few. Variety in weapons (which change per level) alongside the multi-sectioned levels help to keep things fresh.

Visual style is very interesting. From digital cyber domains, to industrial apocalyptic warzones, the visuals of Vector Byte's levels mix 2D and 3D enemies/environments in a strange yet very effective way, somehow making a cohesive style out of things that you wouldn't think blend well together.

Music and sound are where Vector Byte really shines. The dark techno synth soundtrack and sci-fi sound effects are really cool and often had my head bobbing to the beat.

One last thing to keep in mind is don't go into this game thinking that you'll be able to dodge all the bullets. From my time playing through the game, I don't believe it's possible to beat without getting hit. Not to say this is a bad thing, it just means the priority becomes getting enemies off the screen as fast as possible to lessen the amount hostile bullets rather than dodging. Health pickups are smartly placed, and there was only the occasional 1-hit kill enemy that flew in from the side of the screen that made me lose a life in a way that felt a bit cheap. Difficult as a whole was 'medium' (not too easy, not too hard).

My biggest hope for a patch that I think would make the game better would be to map the secondary weapon to the left shoulder button on a controller. I use the same software that Vector Byte was created with for my own projects, and I don't believe it is possible to do that yet, but if the option ever comes I do hope that change will be implemented. As of right now, I rarely use the secondary weapon due to how awkward it is to move my thumb to the button, meaning I can't aim my ship at the same time.

Overall, Vector Byte is a very cool SHMUP that has a lot of passion and creativity behind it. Dev should be very proud, and I look forward to their next project.

Quite impressed by the amount of the graphic assets, by the musics and by the size of the levels, it's a labour of love :)

Thanks for the support. I hope you will enjoy playing it.

This looks really good! I'll be getting this soon.

Purchased! Your last pass on art, voice, and gameplay tuning is great! It's nice to see a more tactical shmup, and with nearly 4 hours of gameplay too!

Congratulations on the release! It's come a long way over the last year of development!

Thanks DrBossKey, as always your help and guidance was invaluable. SHMUP CREATOR is one hell of a game engine.